We can’t find your camera Error code 0xa00f4244

Windows 10, 8.x have built-in camera app. Now, This is more developed. But some Times After install windows update or after updgrade to anniversary update  While using or after launching this camera app app, It may show you a message like “We can’t find your camera“  Error code 0xa00f4244. Then you may not be able to use it because of Error.

Basically, It happens when windows can’t detect your camera hardware. If you webcam is damaged, Windows may show you this error message "We can’t find your camera" Error code 0xa00f4244. Else, Bugs in Windows 10 camera app, Conflict with other programs or services, webcam driver problem, antivirus software that’s blocking the webcam or camera etc

We can’t find your camera Error code 0xa00f4244

There might be few more reasons but what matters is how to fix error code 0xa00f4244 in Windows 10. So let us see how to do it.

Make sure the camera app is turned on

This is a very basic thing that lot of us miss. You need to Turn on Camera first. If you have just installed Windows 10 then, chances are Your Camera is turned off and so you are shown 0xa00f4244 error every time you launch the camera.

Press Win + I from keyboard. It will open Settings. Now, Go to Privacy > Camera Then, Turn on the switch Let apps use my camera.

Make sure the camera app is turned on

Reset The camera App

If your camera app data becomes corrupted, You may face many errors while using it. Resetting camera app may fix we can’t find your camera error 0xA00F4244 or other similar problems.

Here Fallow to Reset camera App, Navigate to Start > Settings > System > Apps & Features. Now, Find the built-in Camera app and click on it.

Reset The camera App- Advanced options

Then, Click on Advanced options. and Click on Reset. As shown bellow image.

Reset The camera App

After resetting, Reopen the camera app and see if it resolves we can’t find your camera problem.

Run Windows App Troubleshooter to Fix Camera App

If your camera app has any problem which is causing can’t find camera error 0xa00f4344, This method may help you. Windows app troubleshooter normally detect and fixes common app errors which can be helpful for you.

Open Start Menu, type troubleshooting and hit enter. Click on View all. Find Windows Store Apps and click on it. Now, Follow the on screen instructions.

Windows App Troubleshooter

Check Antivirus Settings or Disable it

To protect your privacy, Some antivirus programs restricts other apps from using your webcam. It can be a reason behind windows app saying we can’t find your camera problem. So, Open Antivirus and find relevant settings and disable that option. If you don’t find, Just disable antivirus temporarily and see what happens.

disable virus protection temporarily

Check for camera drivers

If your Recently Installed Windows 10 is throwing Error Code 0xa00f4244, then it's quite obvious that you need New and Updated Drivers for your Camera. Integrated or External, Both Cameras need Up-To-Date drivers. Updating Drivers is quite a task, and it may take lot of time finding the right drivers for your hardware.
- If you are having issues with Integrated Camera then, Search your manufacturer's website for necessary drivers. You can also go to Device Manager, Expand Imaging Devices to find your camera. Right Click on it and click on Update Device Software.

- If you have an External camera attached and having problem with it then, Go to Device Manager, Under Sound, Video and Game Controller you can find your External Camera.

Right click on your camera name and do Update Device Software. A new window will pop up where you have to select Search Automatically for updated driver software. It will now search your Computer and the Internet for required drivers.

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